I am Alison, native of the French Alpes, 33 years old.

Cooking  are my passion, and  I am so proud to say from 4 years I am became a proffesionel.

My cuisine is a gourmet cuisine, simple with seasonal products and flavours from around the world.

I have worked internationally, Australia, Asia and all over Europe.

In october 2019 I was a competitor on french master chef.

It was an amazing experience where I got the chance to cook for exceptional French top chefs.



You are dreaming about a succulent meal, but for different reason your don't want to go outside and sadely you are not a chef.

No worries, yours dreams can came true.

I am coming to your place.

You don't need take care of anything.

I do the shopping, I set the table.

I will cook for you the menu of your choice, and I will serve you.

You will feel like at the restaurant.

When the dinner is finish you will find your kitchen clean.

You just have to enjoy this beautiful evening with your guest.

At Your Service

Tell me a little about your event so I can begin the creation process and send it to you more informations.

Tel: 07918837133  |  Email: alison.cuisine@gmail.com

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Tel: 07918837133 |  Email: alison.cuisine@gmail.com


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